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Take Inventory of Your Home

home in safeWhen I was young, our house caught fire right after Christmas.  Thank goodness no one was hurt.  Our insurance helped to cover the expense of our home being rebuilt and our belongings replaced.

The lesson I learned from that experience was that even good insurance is only as good as the records YOU keep.  The insurance company can only be as helpful to you as you are to them.  So, please (like do this today!) take inventory of your belongings.

This means taking pictures and making an itemized list of your belongings.  Sounds difficult to create, doesn’t it? And, where do you keep these records so that they aren’t also destroyed if your home is?

I finally found a great and inexpensive solution to this challenge!  The What You Own software keeps track of everything that fills our homes — from artwork to furnishings to jewelry. You can also quickly see how much it would cost to replace these items.

Once you download the What You Own software onto your computer, you can create a room-by-room inventory that serves as a record that’s helpful for determining how much insurance to purchase.  These records will be most valuable when settling insurance claims.  You can even add images and receipts.  It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac systems.  Download it today for $39.99:  http://www.whatyouown.com

If this software doesn’t work for you, you can always take the time to save your photos and lists on a safe online system like Dropbox that can be accessed anywhere.

No matter what system you choose, the most important thing is that you’re organized and prepared if something happens to your home.