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Mortgage Calculator


Every $10,000 in purchase price only adds an additional $40 to your monthly payment. What does this mean to you??

Focus on your monthly payment, put LESS down, stay within your budget and get a home you LOVE!

I wish I’d met you the very first time I was house hunting. My previous realtor did not really discuss looking at the monthly costs rather than the total cost of the property so I very severely limited my budget at that time. Thanks for opening my eyes. – Yvonne


DEAR NUMBER CRUNCHERS (YES, YOU), PLEASE READ THIS: The Dwell mortgage calculator estimates the monthly house payment based on the home price entered. This estimate also does not include private mortgage insurance (because we hate it and can show you ways to avoid it without having to put 20% down). If you would like a more exact estimate for your specific financial situation, all you have to do is contact us, we don’t bite!