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Kyo’s Client Compliments

I really don’t know what to say – thanks to you I am actually now a home owner! It’s still so unbelievable! This has been a goal of mine for so long but I honestly always thought it was too out of reach for someone who works as a social worker and doesn’t have any inheritance or anything to put down a 20% down payment. The City First open house where we met was the first home I went to see and I remember leaving thinking how stupid I was for believing I had the means to own a home, and look where I am now, thanks to you! You’ve been extremely patient and helpful through this entire process, and I never doubted for a second that you had my back and put my best interest first. I honestly did ZERO research before jumping into this process, but you did such a great job of guiding me through each step and making sure I understood what to expect next and what my responsibilities were. I feel like most realtors wouldn’t take someone with a budget of $200,000 max for a home that seriously, but I never felt undervalued or set aside by you. I cannot be happier with the result of our work together – I have a fabulous home in the neighborhood I wanted to live in at the price I could afford. The past couple of days waking up in my first home have been so happy for me! It really is a wonderful thing to be able to give everyone a more even chance at becoming homewoners.

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