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Easy Fix Ups to Get Your Home Sold

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to get your home ready to sell. You do, however, want your home to look its best and show well to potential buyers.

The best bet is to focus on updating the basics and not worry about buying luxury fixtures or appliances now. Why buy expensive upgrades you’ll never get to enjoy yourself, right?!  But if you spend a little now, you’ll reap the rewards of much better sales price.  Ca-Ching!

Make Your Home Sparkle & Shine

Declutter everywhere, and we mean everywhere. Pack up many of your items now before you move. It’s such a simple thing to do and can make a big impact when someone walks into your home. Clear those bathroom and kitchen counters, bookcases, closets, pantries, cabinets, etc.

• Clean your entire home thoroughly.  Hire a professional cleaning company to come in and make everything sparkle. Don’t forget to clean your carpets.

• Paint is a cheap and easy upgrade you can do yourself. A fresh coat can do wonders to a room, especially if you keep it neutral. Don’t have enough money to paint everything? Then just do the trim and ceiling and you’ll be amazed at what a fresh coat of white paint can do for the room for half the cost.

• Service your kitchen appliances and make sure they are in working order. You can replace outdated appliances with mid-range products that don’t break the bank. Buy the least expensive, but nicest looking appliances you can afford.

Reface your kitchen or bathroom cabinets if they are extremely outdated. Or, just get new hardware that will give a more updated feel. Remember to keep everything neutral!

• Clean and refinish stained or dirty grout in bathrooms and kitchens. Hire a professional if needed, it will be worth the cost.

• Reglaze old tubs or sinks to make them sparkle or cover up that outdated green or pink color. You can easily create a more pleasing neutral bathroom.

• Replace outdated or small shower fixtures. Again, new faucets can make a difference.

Freshen up the vanity areas in bathrooms. Go with a bigger mirror and better lighting to create a fresher, cleaner look.

Get Designer Touches for Less

Add color, warmth or ambiance. Try new pillows for your couch, colorful placemats in the kitchen, flower arrangements, a shelf and candles in the bathroom, new bathroom rugs, a floor lamp. Pick a focal point in each room and make it pop, like a bed in the bedroom with updated linens or a plant in the corner of your livingroom.

• Look for guidance in design magazines and catalogs. If you can’t afford a professional stager or consultant, and desperately need some design guidance then get some magazines or catalogs to see what the average person finds appealing now. A few items placed strategically in your home can make a big impression.