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Dwell Sales Formula

You love (or loved) your home and now you want others to love it too!

You don’t want it to sit too long, you want a good price for it, and you don’t want to spend too much money to get it ready, right?

We hear ya!

Here at DWELL, we will help you from start to finish in making sure you sell your home in today’s market at a good price and with little frustration. So YOU and the buyer will walk away happy! That’s our goal.

Our founder, Jennifer Myers, comes from a Advertising and PR background so she understands what it takes to market your home in the most strategic and effective way possible. We know how to get your home the attention and foot traffic it deserves.

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First, we approach your home the same way we’d approach a PR or advertising client. Ideally, we start well before you actually put it on the market so we can analyze your situation and come up with a specific marketing plan just for your home. We look at your home as a product to sell and ask the good old basic marketing questions such as “Who is your target audience?”, “What are the unique selling features of this product?” and lastly (this is a biggie!) “What sets your product apart from all the others?”. We answer these questions about your home from a buyer’s perspective and then market and advertise your home accordingly.

“Well, I found you almost by accident and I’m so glad I did!  It was a pleasure to work with you, I really appreciate your direct style.  And your advice was wonderful, I couldn’t be happier.” – Christine

The king of advertising, Don Draper, says, “Advertising is based on happiness….we invent want”. Our strategy sessions are critical as we think outside the box and our unique approach takes selling your home to a new level by asking pointed questions:

  • What is your goal for this sale … Do you have to sell quickly because of a job relocation? Or, do you want the highest price possible so you can buy that next “move-up” home?
  • What is your home’s unique story and how do we tell it to buyers?
  • Who’s most likely to buy your home? What do they want in a home and how do we reach them?
  • What are a few quick and inexpensive changes we can make to your home in order to appeal to the most potential buyers and get you the highest price possible?
  • What surrounding attractions and community amenities will draw in your target market? What lifestyle are we selling?

Our strategy of analyzing your goals AND selling your home is a key element to our sales efforts but we don’t stop there!

“Thank you for the extraordinary work you did on our condo sale.” – Virginia & Gustof

Today’s buyers are better prepared than ever. They’re tapped into the Internet and do their own electronic searches, receive seller disclosure forms, order home inspections, etc. PHEW… but we’re just as prepared since we really know buyers, how they think, and how best to reach them.

We’re just as tech-savvy and will promote your home via Internet and smartphone, and we truly know the “curb appeal” importance of Internet listings in today’s market. Your home photos will shine online and not scare away any potential buyers.

“You work and think like I do, hard and straight and to the point and I really appreciate that. Thank you for making such an amazing experience!” – Ellice

We realize the money you get from this sale is the stepping stone to your next home, so we’ll work hard to get the best sales price possible and to steer negotiations in your favor. We even help you with discounting our commissions if you are a repeat client. Yep! If we can help you achieve your goals by giving up a little dough, we’re happy to do so. Let’s rock.

“I would highly recommend Jennifer to anyone looking to sell their property. I listed my condo for a lower price a year ago and it sat on the market for several months for various reasons.  Jennifer’s name was referred to me by a friend.  I met with Jennifer and she gave me a detailed overview of what was happening the market, what the inventory levels were and provided comps on other similar condos that were for sale in my neighborhood.  She recommended a few small upgrades, which I made and within 4 days of listing my condo on the market it sold for full price.  I cannot thank Jennifer enough for all of her hard work.”
– Jen 

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We’ll help you prepare your home and make it look its best for this HGTV-influenced market.

Shhh!! We have some secrets to share with you to make it happen in the most cost-effective way possible.

Sometimes it can be as simple as making your home clutter-free and spending a few days purging your stuff. If it needs more, we can step in to stage your home or help you hire painters or other contractors to give it that extra “umph” to shine.

For some of you, this may be the first home you’re selling. We know it can be emotional to say good-bye to a home you loved and you want a good farewell experience.

Sometimes the best way is to try to distance yourself and view it as a financial opportunity so you can stay focused on getting your home sold.

No worries whether it’s your first time or not, since we are committed to making sure you are well taken care and get superior service from start to finish. You’ll be all set to make more happy memories in your next home in no time…

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