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Awesome Program to Plant Trees in Your Yard for Little to No Cost

casey trees logoDid you know that by adding a tree to your yard, you can increase your property value and save on energy costs? But maybe the cost or lack of a green thumb is holding you off. That’s not a problem now — you can do your part in honor of Earth Day and Arbor Day with a little help from a DC-based nonprofit.

Casey Trees is making it much easier and less costly for homeowners to plant trees. It’s their mission to re-tree DC and now you (and your yard) can benefit from two of this organization’s programs.

Whether you’re a first-time homebuyer or have other home improvement projects that are taking a hit on your budget, you can turn to this awesome organization to add trees for little to no cost.

Why Trees Help Your Home

  • Trees boost curb appeal. The presence of larger trees in yards and as street trees can add 3 to 15 percent to home values throughout neighborhoods.
  • Trees can shade buildings, windows and air-conditioning units. Homes with well-situated trees can reduce air conditioning needs by 30 percent and save 20 to 50 percent in heating costs.

Tree Planting Programs for Homeowners

There is no limit to the number of trees you can plant through either program with Casey Trees. You can use both programs in any combination:

  • Tree Rebate Program Love a do-it-yourself project?  Then the Tree Rebate program is for you!  If you purchase and plant a tree, you could get up to a $100 back — which could cover the entire cost to plant your tree. If you’re a novice tree planter or just want to refresh your tree know-how, check out Casey Trees’ instructional videos on how to properly plant a tree at www.caseytrees.org.
  • RiverSmart Homes Program If you want a bit more guidance or are not interested in planting a tree yourself, then consider RiverSmart Homes. Casey Trees will meet with you at your home, assess your property, and recommend what trees to plant and where. They will return later to plant your trees for a $50 co-pay per tree.

These two programs are for a homeowner’s property and not for a street tree box. If you are interested in that, then make your request to the District using 311 Online.

You can find more information about both programs on Casey Trees’ website at www.caseytrees.org. You’ll also learn more about its Community and School Planting Programs, and find information on all things trees — from caring for trees to volunteer opportunities with this organization.

Happy planting!