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5 Strategies to Get Your Home Sold in 2013

Is moving in 2013 on your to-do list? If so, let’s make this New Year’s resolution happen!
Selling your home can be an overwhelming experience so you need smart, straightforward strategies that will help you stay sane while at the same time help you maximize your profits.

Here are 5 step by step tips to get you on your way:

1) Determine why you are selling, and then keep it to yourself. First, determine why you are selling since that will dictate your decisions on several factors, from the selling price to how much time and effort you invest in getting your home ready. Less time on the market OR more money to walk away with…different goals require different strategies and the exact “to-dos” for the rest of the steps below.

Then, don’t reveal why you are leaving to potential buyers or their agents since that information can be used against you at the negotiating table. When asked, simply say your housing needs have changed.

2) Know your buyer. What kind of buyer will likely purchase your home? This is the most important question you can answer. Take a moment and really think about it. Write it down—who are they and what do they want most in their new home? They sit yourself down, look around and ask yourself if your home meets their needs? Will they feel at home when they enter yours? That’s the goal!

3) Make your home shine. Your home has had your personal stamp on it while you’ve lived there, but now someone else is going to. If you want the most for your home in the fastest time possible, now’s the time to get your home looking like THEIR home.

Appearance is critical so don’t overlook how first impressions can set the tone and emotional feel of your home. You may not be able to change your location or floor plan but you can do a lot to improve your home’s appearance so that your most likely buyer will like what they see and pay you accordingly. . Buying a home tugs at buyers’ emotions and they want to imagine themselves living in your home. Clean, unclutter, scrub, dust, paint if necessary to give your home the WOW factor top to bottom!

4) Do your homework before setting a price. You’ve identified your most likely buyer and made your home feel like home to them. Now, you’ve got to price it right to get them in the door! Once you’ve set your offering price, you’ve told buyers the absolute maximum they have to pay for your home. Remember, pricing too high is just as costly as pricing too low! You want your home to compare favorably to others in the same price range in your neighborhood or you won’t be taken seriously by buyers and agents.

You don’t want an overpriced home to be “branded” as it sits on the market and new buyers think there must be something wrong with it. You want to find that perfect sweet spot of good value for the price.

5) Don’t move out before you sell. A vacant home looks forlorn and forgotten, and just not very appealing. If you can, stay in your home! If you do move before you sell, it tells buyers that you are probably highly motivated to sell quickly and that gives them an advantage when negotiating price.It’s a good time to sell your home if it’s priced right since mortgage rates are at an all-time low. Serious buyers are always looking to buy, even during the holidays! Also, if you are selling your home in 2013, you probably need to buy one too, check out my tips for that too.