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Welcome Andrew Lindner

linder2edited-199x300The vast expansion and improvement of home buying information available online has resulted in an informed consumer base. However, I believe that individuals still crave the professional guidance needed to complete one of the largest purchases they will make in their entire life. Especially if that individual is a first time buyer.

Dwell Residential immediately appealed to me beyond other brokerages due to their dedication to informing homebuyers to the maximum extend practicable during an exciting and potentially overwhelming moment in their lives. Dwell’s philosophy and team members aligned with many of my personal and professional goals, which is critical to ensuring a productive and long lasting relationship. The people, boutique environment, along with my incessant need to analyze all major acquisitions will aid my abilities to offer customized service to each of my clients.

Trust is paramount to any relationship and this scenario is no different. Buying a home ranks in the top five ‘biggest decisions’ of most individual’s lives and certainly shouldn’t be taken lightly. By establishing a solid relationship with clients where clear communication and trust exists, I would advocate asking all the questions one may have so that all parties are transparent throughout the process. Given the monumental responsibility homeownership entails, I would advocate to clients to chose someone who not only understands the process inside and out, but has been through it themselves and possesses the experience to guide them.

As the client, I cannot advocate to any consumer to conduct as much research as possible, especially about buying or selling property. Perhaps a curse, but I have an addiction to market research and understanding all the major factors when making big decisions and will now be offering these services to clients so they have all the pertinent information to make an informed decision. By working with individuals and demonstrating the importance of a comprehensive market analysis, the client would not only understand the process, but know they are making a sound investment decision.

As a longtime resident of the DC region and homeowner, I would make my case that I will be honest, thorough and provide the best service required by individual client needs. At Dwell, you not only have the reputation and statistics of a major player within the market, but also the personal touch, access and consideration clients need during the buying or selling process.
Don’t hesitate to contact me at Andrew@WhereDoYouDwell.com

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