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Jennifer Myers – Broker/Owner, DC, MD & VA

As founder of Dwell Residential Brokerage, I’m excited to share my philosophy about real estate – making it hip, fun, and accessible to first-time buyers and sellers (and even for you second, third, and etc. timers!).I am passionate about the potential of real estate in changing lives for the better…more

Kyo Freeman – Realtor, DC

I enter a career in real estate with a genuine interest in helping clients learn about the process of buying and selling their home. Learning and helping others learn is a natural instinct for me after spending eighteen years as a middle school and high school teacher. My goal is to help you feel confident about your real estate decisions by listening to you, and supporting you by clearly explaining and helping you learn all you need to know to make incredibly important decisions…more

Christal Goetz – Realtor, DC & VA

As someone who has renovated my own historic homes, I love helping my clients see the possibilities of what ‘could be’, watching them fall in love with that vision and giving them the tools to make their dream come true….more

Graham Grossman – Realtor, DC, MD & VA

It took me more than 10 years working in politics before I realized my true passion and calling – real estate. I got a start in 2009 and have been making real estate work for me ever since…..more

Lauren Kolazas – Realtor, DC & VA

My marketing experience, education & passion for interiors has resulted in happy sellers – turning their homes into neat, current, streamlined & appealing spaces for all types of buyers…more

Ben LaRocco- Real Estate Agent, DC

LaRocco-circleBen is not your average real estate agent. He will use his understanding of economics, strategic thinking skills and passion for winning to get you the best possible outcome. His economic knowledge is about a lot more than just dollars and cents, it is about managing your time and energy, and making the best possible tradeoffs to make your real estate outcomes exceptional whatever resources you have available…..more



Andrew Linder- Real Estate Agent, DC

lindercircleDespite nearly 10 years as a management consultant in DC, real estate has always remained a passion of mine. In fact, I bought a truck after completing my undergraduate degree thinking that I would buy a home, fix it up over time while letting a few buddies subsidize my mortgage and sell it for profit after a few years. After several years working in other environments, I want to utilize my management and analytical experience to compliment my real estate savvy in order to be the best agent possible….more

Candace Paul – Realtor, DC & MD

Candace Paul grew up loving everything about real estate and couldn’t wait to jump into that world. She got her license to practice real estate in DC back in 2004, when she was just 19 years old… more

S. Kaye Placeres – Realtor, DC, MD & VA

I’ve lived in the Washington Metro area since the age of 3 and can’t imagine living anywhere else! When I purchased my first home many years ago, I knew nothing about real estate or the process…more

Philip John Reeves, esq. – Realtor, DC, MD & VA

Philip can help first-time homebuyers and real estate veterans avoid some of the many pitfalls of purchasing and selling. With his keen eye for detail, scrupulous objectivity, and a definite persistence, you’ll be ready for each step along the way….more

Amy Wease – Realtor, DC, MD & VA

I am a real estate professional who has been helping buyers and sellers make homeownership a reality since 2006 in the DC metro area.From first-time homebuyers to experienced homeowners &investors, I work on your behalf to fulfill your home ownership dreams…more

Sonya Murray – Client Services Specialist

Sonya Murray is an experienced real estate professional with more than 15 years of real estate experience in client services, short sale negotiation and office administration.Prior to Joining Dwell, Sonya owned and operated a foreclosure consulting business…more
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